Living Room Wall Design Ideas On Material

Living Room Wall Design Ideas On Material

Living Room Wall Design Ideas On Material
Living Room Wall Design Ideas

Wall is one of the main part in decorating your living room since its appearance will affect the entire look. The living room wall design ideas should be treated well in order to balance and harmonize other aspects of the room. This is where you set a backdrop of your whole design and choosing the right furnishing as well.

Bare Bricks Wall

Exposing bricks is the most popular method to comprehend textured and rough living room wall design ideas. Bare bricks are also known for its timeless style as well as easy to match up. You can choose bare bricks application for any design themes from rustic to modern.

Classic brown or red color of the bricks will inject natural color into your room which is easy to harmonize with. The material of bricks is strong enough that you may won’t think about renovation for long time. But, you don’t have to worry because the character of bricks is never out of style.

Even if you want a change on it, you can just simply cover it. If you already have brick in your room, creating the living room wall design ideas can be cheap enough since you just need to work on exposing it.

Tiles Wall

Living Room Wall Design Ideas On Material

It will be really fun and exciting to compile some different tiles into a mosaic structure. This is a creative way to liven up your room as well as showing your personality. Because there are no limitation of types and colors of tile, you can have wide range option of the living room wall design ideas as well.

On the other hand, if you are afraid of composing tiles yourself, you can still have another alternative like designed art tiles. It’s pretty easy to be applied as you don’t need to design any pattern for it is available already. Installing it is also convenient, so that you won’t need to hire a labor.

When you plan to decide on tiles as one of your Living Room Set Design, you need to consider about the maintenance. As tiles is fragile enough, any reckless activity can damage the tile unintentionally. Meanwhile, repairing it may be an issue if the tile you choose is rare or limited. You should think about this first before shopping those attractive tiles especially if you have children at your home.

Wooden Wall

Living Room Wall Design Ideas On Material

You can bring many kinds of style into your living room by installing wooden wall. When you want a rustic look, treat the wood lightly and maintain its natural characteristic. But, if you want an elegant look, you can choose the finishing wooden.

If you’ve been desired for creating a certain dimension into your living room, you can use wooden wall to construct it. You can choose the right type of wood like planks or pallets, both can be painted with no trouble. If you color it white, you will be able to brighten the mood and be a great backdrop for shabby design.

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