Tiny Living Room Design Rules You Must Follow

Tiny Living Room Design Rules You Must Follow

Tiny Living Room Design Rules You Must Follow
Tiny Living Room Design

Decorating a home interior feels like playing puzzle. Everyone has their own mind that some certain furniture should be in particular room according to its function. However, you should also consider the balance of colors, layout and composition properly in order to create good interior design.

When we talk about tiny living room design, there is limitation on how many furniture and how big it is to occupy your room.  There are also some rules you need to pay attention in order to prevent it looks like chaos. It would really be frustrating if you can’t relax in your own living room.

1. Maintain Its Function

The most important rule for a tiny living room design is to maintain its function which offers you comfortable and relaxation. When you want to add some furniture into it, please make sure each of it has its purposes. If you want it as a mere decoration, then choose some that wouldn’t take big space. It is best if it occupies the blank space like wall or the corner of the room.

Couch or sofa is generally considered as a must item even in a tiny living room design. So please pick ones with size that is appropriate with the room space. You can also consider to sweep a flush wide rug, so that you will be able to lying down and curl together.

2. Create Wide Effect

In Modern Living Room Decor Ideas, you can learn some ways to trick eyesight which will make you feel like standing at wider place. Make sure your tiny living room design utilize a big window. It will not only let you get fresh air and the sunlight in the morning, but it’s also essential to create a wide vibe into your room.

However, you may feel trouble if your room doesn’t have window because it may take much money to develop it. Then choose alternate option. You can put on a big mirror instead. With this item, you can create magical wide space into your small room.

3. Choose Pale Color

In order to successfully create Great Living Room Designs, you need to paint your wall with pale colors or it may be best to keep it plain white. This way, everyone would feel roomy being in your tiny living room design.

Combine the white or pale wall with correspondingly pale furniture into it. This will help you brighten your small living room. In order to balance the color, add some refreshing items into the room by displaying some plants. The natural green color from plant will not only contribute color accent in the Sitting Room Interior Design Ideas. But, it will also provide you fresh air as it cleanses the dirty air.

4. Work On Your Wall

Before we go further about Wall Interior Design Living Room, it is best to see if you want a television inside it or not. If you want it, then, you are suggested to mount it on the wall because it saves you lot space on the floor. After taking enough space on the wall for television, you can ornate the rest now.

Decorating the wall can be done by putting on some painting or portrait on it. Or, you can paint it yourself to give it some personal touch. However, you are not confidence enough to paint it, you can attach some wallpaper with motif you like. Think about composition to decide if it’s better to attach fully on the wall or just some spots to live up your room.

5. Take Benefits from Weird Angle

If your small living room has weird shape, don’t be hesitate to decorate it. Rather than be an awkward angle, take benefits and turn it to be the most attractive point in your room. You can show off your painting collection onto its surface. Or, you can choose some bold decoration to successfully establish focal point.

On the other hand, if the weird angle has unemployed space, you can arrange furniture to properly fit it. You may place the shelve or the stand lamp there. Corner shelve is easy and fast project you can do it your own. Meanwhile, placing the stand lamp at the corner will optimize its light because it creates epic visualization. Try it!

6. Raise Up the Ceiling

Creating an eye illusion of higher ceiling will be a great help in a tiny room to feel more spacious. To do this trick, you have 3 options. Firstly, you should hang your curtain up higher than usual. It’s better if you left some centimeters from the top ceiling. However, some even took it on the top itself. After curtain, second step to support higher room is selecting lower couch. Complement the couch with some fluffy pillows and you will get comfortable there.

The third option in order to create this high illusion is sticking vertical stripes printed onto your wall. This is smart method as a solution if the ceiling interferes your design style.

7. Choose Multipurpose Furniture

This is another important rule to fill your tiny room. Considering to the limited space, choose furniture that has double duty. For example, you may prefer stool to become additional chairs when some friends come over. You can also utilize it as little desk by putting a tray on top of it. You can put on some flower on it or you may want to use it as coffee table sometimes.

Nowadays, you can find multipurpose sofa which will allow you use it both as sofa or bed. The backrest can be arranged upright to be sofa. And, you can put the backrest down to make it as bed. This is totally useful especially when some relations come to your home.

The newest ottoman also provides you some function in addition of being chair. If you are conscientious enough, you will find that ottoman now provided with storage function as well. It is built up with hidden slot at lower part. This way, your stuff won’t be messy and save your room from being cramped even more.

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