Living Room Minimalist Essential Guide – Decorating Blue Living Room Walls

Living Room Minimalist Essential Guide – Decorating Blue Living Room Walls

Living Room Minimalist Essential Guide – Decorating Blue Living Room Walls
Blue Living Room Walls

When it comes to the blue living room walls, actually there are various hues in blues. You may start with cornflower and navy to open blue collection on the color wheel. In fact, this color brings such as classic yet clean and calm vibe to any room especially the living room. In this article, we will show you several things you can do to decorate your blue-themed living room.

Wood and natural atmosphere

If you decide to have a small house and you need a cozy living room then the craftsman style might suit your personality. Since the craftsman house will require a lot of woods in its making process, you will need something soft to balance the wood colors so the natural vibe still remains. On the other hand, something too soft might make the vibe blurred. So, you may choose the pale blue living room walls for this one.

Living Room Minimalist Essential Guide – Decorating Blue Living Room Walls

Light and inviting vibe

The next point you need to consider to create a comfortable living room is a light yet inviting atmosphere for the living room. In order to reach this point while maintaining the Living Room Minimalist, you may combine soft blue on the walls with some orange accents and creamy white details. Those colors work together really well and it may even create such an airy vibe. To create the classic charm, you may need to arrange two chairs and symmetry.

Vintage coastal theme

You can involve some vintage furniture pieces in the living room and upgrade the theme with textured fabrics. For a fresher look, you may combine cream with cornflower blue in the living room. Besides, it reflects the color of the river. If you apply this theme in your beach house or your house is simply located next to the river then you already have a super-nice home with a vintage coastal theme.

A nautical sense

Bringing in the nautical theme into the living room does not mean that you have to be a child in the first place. You can even combine the nautical theme with some furniture pieces with a vintage theme. In order to emphasize the light nautical sense in the living room, you may use a rug with blue and white stripes on it.

Using several blue shades and pair it with a white wall and dark brown furniture will create something you will never imagine before. Or you can simply change the white wall with super-soft blue living room walls.

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