Living Room Minimalist Guide: 5 Simple Rules to Arrange Furniture

Living Room Minimalist Guide: 5 Simple Rules to Arrange Furniture

Living Room Minimalist Guide: 5 Simple Rules to Arrange Furniture
How to Arrange Living Room Furniture

Some people are looking for the ultimate guide on how to arrange living room furniture. It is because they think that arranging furniture is a task that requires a certain degree or at least a good mood in the first place. But you do not need to worry because we have 5 simple tips you can follow to arrange the furniture in your living room. Also, arranging furniture is challenging but not so scary though.

Pick a focal point

The first rule is picking a focal point. In fact, the focal point is very powerful when it comes to how to arrange living room furniture. Other than that, the focal point may appear without your intention such as a television or a built-in mantel of the fireplace. Whatever you would pick for a focal point, you need to stick with that item because you will arrange the furniture around that item later.

Do not put the furniture against walls

In fact, this decision is affected by how big the size of your living room is. No matter how big or small your living room size is, you will need to leave a small area behind the back of your furniture. Other than scratching the wall, pushing away the furniture from the wall will create an impression of bigger space. On the other hand, you can get more freedom when you have a bigger living room.

Build a conversation area

According to the Living Room Minimalist guide, you will need to create a conversation area in your living room. It is important to create space where people could talk to each other naturally, without shouting across the room or craning their neck. You may situate the chairs and sofas to face each other even though you do not have to make it precisely across.

Traffic flow

When it comes to arranging the furniture pieces, you will need to consider the traffic flow as well. No one needs to trip over the furniture to pass the room. Also, you need to make a clear path between the sofa, coffee table, and chairs.

Let the light gets in

One of the most important elements in the room is lighting. So, you need to mix several lighting types such as table lamps, floor lamps, and overhead lighting as well. Each lighting type has the most suitable spot to be put at. So, feel free to put several lighting elements when it comes to how to arrange living room furniture.

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