Living Room Minimalist: How to Design a Living Room that will be Minimalistic

Living Room Minimalist: How to Design a Living Room that will be Minimalistic
How To Design a Living Room

If you ever found yourself asking how to design a living room, then you have come to the right place. A living room can come in many types, but we are going to talk about the minimalist ones here because there is nothing better than a minimalist living room after a tiring day at work. Below are several guidelines that you can refer to if you ever want to go minimalist with your living room.

Never stray from the neutral colour palette

As it has been mentioned before, a neutral colour palette makes for a better minimalist living room. White is the safest option when it comes to neutrality, but the colour white can be too formal and too ‘restricting’ in terms of creative freedom. Instead of white (or even black), opt for colours that are neutral like icy blue, charcoal, or even taupe (which is a type of brown).

Never EVER use colours that can make anyone ask ‘why?’ because that would mean you have failed in making your room a minimalistic room. Several unorthodox colour palette like orange and yellow can work perfectly well with a minimalist room provided you mix and match it with the right furniture.

Living Room Minimalist: How to Design a Living Room that will be Minimalistic
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A minimalist room got breathing space

While it is normal for minimalists to want to get modern furniture for their living room, that might not always be the right answer. Instead of going all out with the furniture, only get furniture that is practical and furniture that will not clutter the room.

Bring nature in if you can

If there is ample space in the living room, try skipping furniture and instead add something from nature to it. This means things like plants and animals (fishes in a fishbowl), provided they are safe to bring it. A Living Room Minimalist person will always bring nature in because it works perfectly when combined with the neutral room colour.

Make your furniture go with the flow

Go with the flow here means make sure you do not get furniture that contradicts the whole room. It is rarely fine for minimalists to go with sharp furniture (unless we are talking about futuristic minimalist here) because it breaks the overall minimalism. Instead of sharp-looking furniture, find the ones with curves on them. There is nothing more annoying than taking a picture of a living room with a piece of furniture that sticks out like a sore thumb. Curvy furniture rarely sticks out, and their practicality will shine even better thanks to it. Practicality is, after all, one of the most important things that need to be remembered when you are talking about how to design a living room.

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