7 Things to Consider for the Minimalist Interior Design

7 Things to Consider for the Minimalist Interior Design

7 Things to Consider for the Minimalist Interior Design
Minimalist Interior Design

Minimalist interior design is basically a design that brings out simplicity as well as minimizing the application of non-functional elements. Well, have you ever heard the idiom of “less is more”? Those words represent this idea so much in which from the minimalism, the interior may still look elegant and luxurious at once. However, in term of the application, many people may still be confused about how to make it. In this page anyway, there is much insight regarding the minimalism in the home living. So, what are they?

Ergonomic Geometric Ornaments

Please forget floral details or fleur-de-lis ornaments for a while since those ideas may not be needed in this type of interior design. On the other hand, to make the interior design looks interesting and not monotonous, the designer commonly explores the basic shapes more. Those shapes applied are starting from the room itself, furniture, and also decorations.

For example, the minimalist and Simple Living Room Designs use the clean boxes made from wood to be installed on the wall. Despite the boxes are to beautify the interior more, you can also use them as shelves to put books, vases, and more.

7 Things to Consider for the Minimalist Interior Design

Removing Unused Furniture and Items

If you notice wall, many rooms and interior decorations with a minimalist concept tend to look larger and spacious. Uniquely, when you measure the sizes, the room is not really large. The large looking is not due to the room is definitely large in term of measurement. It is more about the arrangement in which the designer commonly removes the furniture and items that are not needed. Sure, it is based on the functional concept mentioned above.

So, if you are expecting to apply a minimalist design for the interior, you can start to remove some unused supporting elements that may not really important. Try to focus on the primary furniture and items that you really need them while being at home. Even in the Living Room Furniture Design, choose one that is multifunctional. A sofa can be functioned for a table, bookshelves, and drawers at once. This way, the room simply looks larger without too many efforts.

Minimalist Colors

Although it is said multiple times that the functional items are the basic idea of a minimalist interior, the design is something that cannot be ignored. One of them is in term of color choice. Some neutral colors like white, grey and even black are considered the best ideas to support the minimalism itself. Although the application of bright colors like red, yellow, green, and others is allowed, they are commonly only functioned as the sweetener, not dominating the interior.

Above all, the colors choice is also about the comfort of the homeowners. So, while applying them, make sure you feel really comfortable to see them all the time. Combining some colors is necessary as long as it doesn’t look too much. Undeniably, the color ideas at home may influence your moods and performance. So, be careful with them within the minimalist interior design you have.

Simple Details and Decorations

It is likely an instinct for every homeowner to decorate his or her home as beautiful as possible. However, too many decorations and details basically fight against the concept of minimalism itself. Meanwhile, many types of decorations tend not to have any other functions aside from to embellish the interior themselves.

For a minimalist home living, you should press your desire to put too many details on the wall, floor, and anything. It is so good for sure if you can find some accessories that are multifunctional. But if you are not, you can just put one or two accessories just to avoid the room looking monotonous. Well, houseplants can be a good solution for this. Plants are not only beautiful to see but also it is also good to refresh the entire room.

Exploring the Concrete Materials for Furniture

Since the beginning the house is started to build up, you must consider this important thing when wanting to apply a minimalist concept. There should be some concrete materials to turn into the furniture. Sure, the furniture here refers to the shelves, racks, cabinets, kitchen islands, and the likes. It looks like being back to the Stone Age indeed but that’s true. Yes, this is still related to the functional concept anyway.

Although it sounds weird the idea is beneficial in many ways. It also eases you a lot if you are looking for smart ways How To Arrange Living Room Furniture. The room tends to look minimalist and compact for sure. Besides, it is basically really economical since in the future, you probably not need to buy the furniture too often. If you are bored with it, changing the paint is enough. Sure, for all the floating concrete materials, they must be designed in a minimalist way.

Glass Application

Particularly if you are focused on modern design, the glass application is necessary. It is well-applied on some parts like windows, furniture, and even handles of the stairways. Many people even use the material to replace the concrete wall. That’s a good idea indeed but with some requirements.

Too many glasses like in the Home Decor Living Room mean there are too many sunshine to enter also. Sometimes, it is just too thermal. So, install the big glass windows only on parts that don’t face the sun directly. Besides, growing some bushy plants outside is also a great solution to filter the sunshine coming inside.

Lighting Application

For the last, a minimalist interior works better with a proper lighting application. The design basically still allows the usage of a chandelier and the likes. However, the chandelier used should not be too big with too many ornaments. The simple one is enough as long as it lightens up well and fit the interior concept.

It is recommended also to install some pieces of LED lamps. In general, the lamps are completely in line with the minimalist concept. As you know, the bodies of LED lamps are basically unseen. Meanwhile, the light radiation works really well, not only to enlighten the room but beautify it more. It is not exaggerating to say that LED lighting is the best choice for minimalist interior design.

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