Bohemian Sitting Room Interior Design Ideas

Bohemian Sitting Room Interior Design Ideas

Bohemian Sitting Room Interior Design Ideas
Sitting Room Interior Design Ideas

Bohemian sitting room interior design ideas mean unique style which feature many patterns, bright colors and multi-cultural. While bohemian itself described as a person who has eccentric style which is referred to arts. In order to create bohemian style into your sitting room, you need to fill it with rich visual interest. But, do not forget the function aspect, any sitting room interior design ideas should provide comfortable and relaxed.

Bohemian Sitting Room Interior Design Ideas

Bamboo Hanging Chair as Center Spot

Nature element can be great way to create bohemian sitting room. So, why don’t put a big hanging chair made of bamboo. Place it near window, and everybody who comes in would like to enjoy themselves there.  This big decorative item will temper the whole room by giving liven up impact.

You should also stack up a plenty books to complement the hanging chair. Especially colorful book, it will support the style you want to build. Not only books, you can show off what you got from travels as well anything that represent your happiness.

Traditional Moroccan Coffee Table

Ever see a traditional Moroccan coffee table? It features complicated pattern and is full of color. This will be the most lovable item for your bohemian sitting room interior design ideas. As it is already full of color, you should be careful when you adding another items. You can put in some other thing with color as long as it doesn’t contrast it too much.

The coffee table can be complemented with modern and simple sofa with neutral color. If you choose pale color for the wall as well, you will be able to attract the eyesight to the bright table directly. As for the rest, you can let natural light to shower the House Interior Living Room.

Vintage Sofa

Thinking about bohemian sitting room interior design ideas without bringing in too much color? It’s possible. You should arrange your sitting room with collection of beautiful vintage thing. From sofa, rugs, coffee table, standing lamp to hanging accessories, it all should be vintage. This way, even if you choose white to color the wall, you will be able to have bohemian style.

Bold Painted Wall

Well, if you have no certain items to be the cynosure of your whole style, you can still create bohemian with bold painted wall. This will absolutely create eclectic hues which is the symbol of bohemian. Use not only one color. You can even use different color for each side of the wall.

For example, you can paint bold green one side while another is deep blue. Choose the same color sofa for each side or you can place grey ones as it will be matched as well. Then, you can put or hang some accessories with neutral palette. This will inhibit you from being too overwhelming and stay harmonized.

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