Best Color Combination for Living Room

Best Color Combination for Living Room

Living Room Minimalist - The living room is one of the most multifunctional areas at home. Sure, it is basically a place where you welcome and treat your guests well. Besides, a good living room should also be a comfortable place to gather with the family members. That’s why; there are indeed some matters to consider regarding the design and arrangement. One of them is related to the color combination. So, what are the Best Color for Living Room Walls? Here they are.

Neutral and Minimalist Colors Idea 

Best Color Combination for Living Room
Best Color Combination For Living Room

Undeniably, the modern or contemporary interior is the most hyped design nowadays. It is reasonable if you also just want to apply this idea. Interestingly, the modern design fits well with any color type whether it is the neutral and bright colors or the pastels. But to accentuate the modern vibe more, it seems that the neutral and minimalist colors are the best ideas of all. There are basically 3 options there; white, black, and grey. Of course, they can still be varied by increasing or decreasing the tone.

For the look of not only modern but also clean, white color is a primary choice for people. Well, to avoid the living room looking too monotonous, it is a good idea to combine it with other neutral and minimalist colors like grey or black. The darker color should not dominate the room for sure. You may still use white for the majority of interior and then black or grey is only for the accents.

Bright Colors Idea

If you see it well, the first idea mentioned above is with a purpose to make the interior decoration look mature. However, it is not bad to try another color combination by involving the bright ones. Some colors like red, orange, and yellow are often considered too striking so that they are often avoided by some interior designers. Yes, they are indeed too striking but can be stunning as long as you can combine them properly.

The key point is about the size of the  living room. If it is too small, it is suggested to apply the neutral color first and then the bright colors are used as the accents. For examples, they are for the details of wallpaper, patterns on the furniture’s covers, ornaments, and more. Meanwhile, for a large living room, it is more flexible since you can use even red to dominate the wall paint. Choose the softer grade and then add the brighter one to make the room look livelier.

Soft Colors Ideas

Soft or pastel colors are more related to vintage or classical designs. However, it is really not bad to apply it to your modern living room. So, whatever the living room you are interested in, you can combine white, pink, baby blue, milky green and others into one. Since the colors tend to be warm and it looks cozy, it is no matter whether the room is big or small. The more colors applied can even make the interior look livelier and more beautiful.

If you want to present a new situation for a living room, one of the things to do is changing the color of the living room paint. An application technique of the living room color is combining two different colors for living room walls. A problem is that not all colors can produce a dynamic color combination. It needs to take the Best Colour Combination for Living Room Walls. It is useful to prevent a mistake in determining a living room color combination. You can select a color palette or a color wheel to see the closest colors for living room.

Playing Color Palletes for Grey

A back to the basic concept is risky to make your living room situation look monotonous. However, you can prevent it from the painted living room colors with a unique application technique. You can make a unique pattern for living room walls. You may form vertical and horizontal lines with the color. With the vertical lines, your living room looks higher and the horizontal lines on the living room walls look wider. Grey is suitable for any colors that can be applied to your living room. It looks matching for any colors.

A Color Combination of Brown and Beige

For the people having wooden furniture items in the living room, a color combination with earthy tone paint, beige and brown, is suitably completing your natural design style in the living room. The harmonious of both colors are believed in creating a harmonious situation for the living room. It is a perfect color combination from those two colors. It is applied in the living room having metal furniture items to produce a stronger industrialist impression. You can choose that color combination for your living room.

Yellow Looks Shining to White for Alternative Color for Living Room

White is not always letting alone to color a relaxing impression in the living room. You can refresh a living room situation by applying a yellow paint color on the wall sides to be the point of interest for the living room. An electric effect from the two-color contrast will look alive when it is combined with the furniture items and bright room decoration elements. It seems to be the best color combination for your living room.

A Color Combination of Turquoise for an Opened Living Room

One of the applicable color combinations for living room with an open plan concept is pastel green and turquoise. The color combination is suitable to use for a room looking more explorative to decorate the living room. It seems to take wall accessories and install motif curtains. Though it doesn’t include neutral colors, both colors are easy to combine with some colors and textures. Interior Decoration Of Living Room with those colors are so mesmerizing to choose at home. If you dislike those colors above, you may choose bright green to refresh a living room atmosphere. Meanwhile, a sweet look can be got from pastel colors such as pink and navy. Those seem to be inspiration ideas for decorating your living room.

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