3 Great Living Room Designs that People Sometimes Underestimate

3 Great Living Room Designs that People Sometimes Underestimate
Great Living Room Designs

There are many great living room designs you can apply to. But, today we provide you with some designs that are perfect for a Tiny Living Room Design. Let us show some inspirations now!

1. More Books, the Better

Some interior designs agree that books are an important element which every living room should have. If you happen to be a book lover, you feel like it is never enough with books. Your home is an extension of you who live there and that’s why by placing books in the living room, it can reflect your personality. Don’t be afraid to show your passion for pop or art culture, travel by incorporating books as your living room’s d├ęcor.

Books can also add color, texture, and height to a cocktail or console table. If you need a little bit height to show your pricy object, stack some books! There, you can have a focal point instantly. Sometimes a well-styled bookshelf can turn dull into the more alive living room.

2. Removable Covers on Pillows

3 Great Living Room Designs that People Sometimes Underestimate

Your living room will not complete if you leave gorgeous pillows. Pillows are as essential as the matching pair of shoes to give accent to the stylish outfit. But here, pillows can give the important accessory to complement the sofa you have had. Not an only sofa, but pillows can give a pretty touch to your window seat, bench, and chair too. They complement and freshen with texture or color, work the elements as a whole, and they make your living room becomes more entertain, relax, and inviting.

Some interior designs agree that throw pillows or sofa pillows should have slipcovered. It is important to consider especially when you have kids around who like tossing them on the floor to play. Slipcovered throw pillow can be taken off and cleaned easily.

3. A Gorgeous Side Table

3 Great Living Room Designs that People Sometimes Underestimate

A gorgeous side table is one of the must-items in every living room. You can perch it beside the chair that you like. This piece of furniture can provide a comfy place for a large cup of hot chocolate, an enticing book, and a reading lamp! If you adore flowers, you can also put a flower vase on the side table to complete your mood. And then let the best daydreaming approaches you.

So, sometimes books, removable covers, and side table are several things that people neglect and underestimate. In fact, they are an essential decoration that makes great living room designs so applicable and affordable. We hope those three designs can inspire you. Good luck!

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