Modern Living Room Set Designs for Tiny Houses

Modern Living Room Set Designs for Tiny Houses

Modern Living Room Set Designs for Tiny Houses
Living Room Set Designs

A living room is one of the most important spaces in a house. It is the place where you can relax and spend the time with family and friends. You can spend time watching movies, relaxing, and chatting. For new families, the moment to relax with family members at home is the most anticipated. One of the right rooms to gather is a family room. Therefore, the decoration of the family room must be made as comfortable as possible even though it is small in size.

The interior of the living room must not only be adapted to the overall concept of the house but also adapted to the needs of each family member. Do not let any family member feel uncomfortable with the interior of the living room. In short, it is important to choose Good Living Room Designs.

Modern Living Room Set Designs for Tiny Houses

Although it is used for gathering purpose, this room does not have to be spacious. You can decorate your narrow space into a comfortable place to gather with family. If you are not sure how to design your small living room, we will give you some suggestions about Living Room Set Design that may inspire you in decorating the room.

Modern family room

In the midst of this modern era, the style that is most easily applied is the interior of a modern style family room. This family room is dominated by neutral colors like white and gray. The floor uses a layer of wood and the also a stylish carpet to make it look warmer.

To save space, use an LED TV that is hung on the wall. As a decoration, you can just put a few pots of ornamental plants in the corner so that the interior of the family room will not seem too crowded.

Modern Living Room Set Designs for Tiny Houses

White Living Room Furniture Ideas 

All-white colors also make your room look more spacious. Even though it's very small, you can decorate it with all-white furniture. Also, present plants so that your tiny space feels fresh.

A narrow space on the side of the stairs can be transformed into a comfortable family room. You can also use Scandinavian furniture to make it look eye-catchy! A cabinet that is high up to the ceiling of the room can contain many items as well as decorating your living room!

A family room with vertical lines

In the world of interiors, vertical lines provide the illusion of a strong eye in the interior of tiny living rooms, especially those with low ceilings. These vertical lines are believed to make the tiny room look taller than the original.

You can use these vertical lines when choosing wallpaper or wall covering. You are suggested to choose lines with bright colors like yellow, green, white, and blue. Then match the colors with the sofa cushions.

A family room with shades of gray

Many Best Small Living Room Designs apply grey color to enhance the look. Gray color can create a cool atmosphere so that it is suitable for the interior of a small family room that often feels stuffy. To avoid a bleak atmosphere, you should use gray only on one side of the wall and on the sofa. The other sides of the walls should be painted with a blend of bright colors like yellow and white.

A modern bohemian-style living room

The interior of the family room or modern bohemian-style apartment design is suitable for a new family that is cheerful and full of enthusiasm. The bright colors will make the interior of the family room more lively. Some elements that can enhance the look of a modern bohemian style family room are carpets with tassel at the ends, colorful pillows, and blankets from synthetic feathers.

Tips for Choosing Furniture

Lately, there has been a lot of furniture with various types ranging from the design of the shapes and materials used. But to choose furniture that is suitable for the room and feels comfortable at the same time is not as easy as you might think. To help you decorate the room, here we share some tips on choosing the right furniture that matches the Modern Living Room Decor Ideas.

1. Consider the function

The most important thing in the tips for choosing furniture is its function. When choosing furniture, you also have to look at its function. Too much furniture in the house will also look bad. Multifunctional furniture can be an option for saving space and money.

2. Choose the concept of your furniture

The concept has an important role in the selection of furniture. If you want a traditional concept, furniture with wood may be the right choice. But if you want a modern concept, glass blend furniture is better to choose. Lately, the most popular is the simple minimalist concept, which is suitable for apartment residents who have limited space.

3. Consider the Material Quality

The next step after choosing the concept is that you have already determined the material to be used. The quality of the material must be considered so that the furniture will last for a long time. One more thing that cannot be missed is the material that is easy to maintain.

4. Consider the Design and Size

In choosing furniture, design and size must also be considered carefully to match the Living Room Set Design. Furniture designs are increasingly varied. Unique and attractive designs will be very beautiful and become a focal point in your room, but it should also be adjusted to the concept and available space. Too large furniture will not fit in a small room or a minimalist concept.

5. Consider the Color Selection

You should make sure that you choose furniture with colors that match the walls or other interior decoration elements. As for the easy way, you can align the dominant colors in the room and avoid applying low contrast colors. This method is very important, especially to ensure the presence of furniture to unite and avoid the mismatched style that can damage the beauty of the room.

6. Adjust it to your budget

Whatever type of furniture you will choose, it is recommended to adjust to the budget you have. Some people suggest avoiding buying cheap furniture, because usually - this will have an impact on the quality provided. The effort to save the budget actually did not stop when the furniture selection process ended. More than that, you also have to make sure, so that at least the furniture chosen does not require you to buy the new one not long after you buy it.

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