6 Modern Drawing Room Ideas to Make the Room More Alive

6 Modern Drawing Room Ideas to Make the Room More Alive

6 Modern Drawing Room Ideas to Make the Room More Alive
Modern Drawing Room Ideas

Today, we are providing you some Modern Drawing Room Ideas for you as some inspirations. They are easy and applicable too. What are the ideas? Let’s take a look!

1. Mid-Century Flair in a Modern-Themed Room

A drawing room that has a modern theme should have something classy and vintage. It can be mixed and matched with the furniture that is modern. As an inspiration, you can buy the Barcelona sofa and chairs complete with the sunburst clock to give 1950’s flair touch. Glossy floors, a smooth paneled wall, and also a big picture window can also complement the flair touch with a modern accent.

2. Outdoors Connection

A familiar element that is usually found in most modern homes is big windows which open up and connect the room with the outdoors. Make sure you stick with a minimalist style if you want to make this arrangement successfully. Pay attention to the room so you are certain there is enough breathing room between furniture. And don’t over decorate the room. The best motto to remember: the simpler, the better.

3. Modern Drawing Room with a Graphic Art

The graphics mix of white and black is perfect for the modern design as graphic sensibilities. You can browse the ZR Architects for some inspirations. The streamlined silhouettes and sharp lines match the acute contrast in great color. And the result is that the room will both gender neutral and contemporary.

4. Modern Drawing Room in Gray Color

All of us agree that gray is one of the best neutral colors ever existed. It can work perfectly in the modern drawing room. In particular, cooler shades when combined with furniture in black color can create an urban and sleek look to the room!

5. Pop Color in a Drawing Room

In order to give a little excitement to a modern drawing room, you can apply a pop of bright color. You should also notice a pattern to add more accents. As an inspiration, you can take a look at this bright green chairs that add excitement and life yet they don’t steal the fireplace as the center of attention. If you think modern is dull, this drawing-room should correct that opinion. A pop of bright color is also great for a Tiny Living Room Design.

6. Statement Piece

There should be one room for one statement piece in a drawing room. You can show an unusual or antique piece like a console table with Moroccan flair as the decoration. It can create a great contrast to the whole other pieces of sleek in the room.

So, are you ready to do a make-over or create a whole new a drawing room with one of our Modern Drawing Room Ideas? Share your results!

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