Modern Living Room Design Ideas: Avoiding Mistakes

Modern Living Room Design Ideas: Avoiding Mistakes

Modern Living Room Design Ideas: Avoiding Mistakes
Modern Living Room Design Ideas

We should design our living room carefully to give us comfort and an aesthetic value. Definitely, we should avoid mistakes or we regret long.

Modern Living Room Design Ideas: Avoiding Mistakes

The mistakes we should avoid to have a cozy modern living room

  1. Experts say that to have a great living room we’ll have to buy a great sofa. A sofa in a living room, which is also as the focal point, to decide how the living room will feel and like should make us sit comfortably and safely. When buying a sofa, you should choose a simple with high-quality fabric and endless shape. Don’t buy a sofa with too many ornaments such as nail heads, tufts, winged arms, and curved legs.
  2. A living room, small or large, should have a great layout of where to put this and that. It is suggested that you consider the view from the seating, so if the living room is small you need to have a window to enjoy the view.  About the living room with a fireplace, you should be careful when placing a TV set. You can alternate it with a projector. In a large living room, you can place the seating elements somewhere to address the whole room.
  3. Modern living room design ideas should include the choice of rugs. A simple design rug with light colors can be an important element of a modern living room. However, just because the rug should be simple doesn’t mean you should have a smaller rug which doesn’t go well with the size of the room. Even if you have a small living room, you should choose the one with six-by-nine-feet size. You should avoid the one under that size for a living room.
  4. Artworks surely can give aesthetic values to a living room, but it is important that you hang the artwork correctly, or the living room will look stuffy and terrible. Artwork cannot be distracted. You can hang the artwork at the eye level only if the ceiling is high. For the living room with a low ceiling or if you and your family members are very tall, you should place the artwork right in the third quadrant of your living room wall that is divided vertically into four sections when you count from the floor.
  5. The design ideas of a modern living room which are included in a modern Living Room Set Design will prevent you from having the living room that looks like a showroom as if you had bought all the things from the same store. Mix and match is the key to solve such a problem. For example, you can have a vintage sofa with modern upholstery. The choice of the light fixture is also important. Table and floor lamps are perfect for the living room.

Modern Living Room Design Ideas: Avoiding Mistakes

You are more confident now to design your own living room, right? It is great if the article about modern living room design ideas can give you enough information.

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