Living Room Minimalist Tips: An Ultimate Guide on Home Decor Living Room

Living Room Minimalist Tips: An Ultimate Guide on Home Decor Living Room

Living Room Minimalist Tips: An Ultimate Guide on Home Decor Living Room
Home Decor Living Room

The home decor living room you may see in the magazine and the internet is supposed to make your living room becomes more comfortable. However, you cannot just arrange the furniture and design the existing space without considering several points. In this article, we have a few advices you can try when it comes to decorating a living room in your home.

Color and mood

The living room is the place when you will hang out and interact with your family members or close friends. It must be inviting and comfortable at the same time with the home decor living room set. In fact, you can set the vibe and mood with the color you choose for the living room. For example, you can choose soft blue and white for your living room in order to create calm vibe in it. It also makes an elegant space for gathering.

Furniture arrangement

Many people have the problem to arrange furniture pieces. Most people will push the sofa and accent tables against the wall. It is a mistake you need to avoid because in fact, arranging the furniture in the living room requires planning in the first place. Other than that, if you love the Living Room Minimalist then you need to arrange it nicely to avoid the traffic and clutter.

Rug area

This point might also be a big trouble spot and a challenging task to make it right. There are various reasons why you need to use the rug. However, you cannot just like an item before buying one since there are other considerations you should make. It is recommended to leave at least 10 inches of bare floor between the walls and the area rug.

Wall art

Empty walls leave the impression of an incomplete room. It does not also mean that you must fill every space on it. But still, decorating your walls is important for sure. When it comes to wall art, you need to trust your instinct since this is the part when you can show your personality in a room. But first of all, you need to acknowledge yourself about the basic rules of hanging wall art and how to arrange them


Lighting is a complex thing in any room. On the other hand, it is not just a thing that illuminates the whole space. All you need to do applying several lighting fixtures in the living room to make a nice home decor living room.

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