Living Room Minimalist Goes East: Living Room Designs India

Living Room Minimalist Goes East: Living Room Designs India

Living Room Minimalist Goes East: Living Room Designs India
Living Room Designs India

India is a country rich in culture, so there should not be a surprise when someone wants to apply it with some living room designs India available. Indian houses, while not all of them are pretty royal like what you would see in Bollywood movies, are still a designing marvel on its own. For those of you who are interested in adding a bit of India to your house, then check out the tips below:

India is a country with an extreme affinity for patterns

Almost everything that is beautiful in India is patterned. Indian saris are often patterned, making them even more beautiful than the other saris out there. Indian palaces are filled with patterns all over the walls, and some of those patterns are even made permanent by way of carving. Indians love their patterns, so to give your house a touch of India, you need to play with patterns.

Pattern the wall and the floor, but avoid putting patterns in furniture such as the couch and the table (sometimes, it is okay to put patterns on the table). Marble floors are always nice because they are naturally patterned, and you can even extend the marbles to the walls as well. Marble furniture will not add even the tiniest touch of India, however, so you can skip marbled furniture if someone is offering to outfit your Indian living room with that.

Wall decorations, but Indian houses do not use paintings 

Indian decorations are mostly there for a religious purpose, but you can also add a few of them that are non-religious to add a little bit of India in your house. Instead of pictures, paintings, or photographs, add small mandalas or a big mandala for the house. Mandala is that round decoration adorned with patterns (Indians love their patterns) that are often hung on a wall. They make for a good decoration for those wanting to feel a bit of India.

Can you minimize Indian living room designs?

There is no point in putting Indian designs in Living Room Minimalist if they cannot be minimalized. To make Indian living room a minimalist one, all you need to do is to be consistent with the patterns on the wall and on the floor. Make sure they do not contradict with each other and make sure that they share the same colour palette.  The mandala(s) can also be kept as long as you do not combine it with anything else. That is mostly what people often do to make their living room designs India minimalist, so you should give it a try as well.

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