7 Smart Ideas for a Living Room Minimalist

7 Smart Ideas for a Living Room Minimalist

7 Smart Ideas for a Living Room Minimalist
Smart Ideas for a Living Room Minimalist

A living room minimalist has so many fans for some reasons. It is basically a way to make a room look modern and luxurious at once. Besides, the design tends to make a living room look cleaner so that everybody may feel more comfortable while being in it. However, arranging a Minimalist Interior Design is actually not easy as it seems. There also some factors to consider and think about so that generally, it will not be too monotonous in the end. So, what are the ideas to bring out the minimalism in your living room? Here they are.

Neutral Paint Ideas

There are so many beautiful colors out there and sure, they are just good for the interior design. However, you should take note of this point; not all of them are necessary for minimalist home design. So, for the safest choice, you should choose a paint color idea including white, grey, and beige. Anyway, how is if your favorite color is not one of them? Yes, you may want to add something like red, yellow, and Blue Living Room Walls.

That’s not a bad idea at all. This way, your living room can look livelier as well. However, those bright colors should not be the majority in the living room. Maybe, you can put them on a side of the wall whether it is in the form of paint or wallpaper. Meanwhile, neutral paints are still dominating the living room. This idea is also a great solution for a small-sized living room in which the room may look larger and more spacious.

7 Smart Ideas for a Living Room Minimalist

Lessening the Partition

In the ideas of modern and minimalist designs, a partition is not such an essential point. In the past, traditional and classic homes tend to have a partition between 2 rooms. The reason is to hide what must be hidden. For examples, it is considered impolite if the guests in the living room seeing the homeowners eating in the dining room or cooking in the kitchen.

But in this modern day, this perception seems to have changed. In fact, as long as you can keep your dining room and kitchen clean, that’s okay for your guests to see those rooms. In conclusion, rooms without partitions are the other ideas for the minimalist interior design. Sure, this idea gives you some more benefits; your living room looks more spacious. Meanwhile, if you are still expecting a partition, you may use the temporary one like using a cabinet or installing a piece of plywood.

Small Furniture

One of the key points of a minimalist living room is the more space applied. This is something tricky actually since if you are not applying this idea well, the room can look too empty as well. So, since the beginning, you can start to decorate your living room by putting a set of small furniture. It is better if the furniture is in the same idea including the table, chairs, sofa, cabinets, and all the things you want to put there.

This living room minimalist idea may help you to remain enough space for sure. However, if you think the remaining space is too much, you can just add more decorations and accessories there like statues, houseplants, and more. But again, those accessories must be arranged well so that they will not look too crowded.

Minimalist Fixture

After accentuating the minimalism through wall paints and furniture, now, it is time for you to choose the right fixtures. Sure, for a minimalist living room, you need simple minimalist fixtures as well starting from the chandelier, table lamp, clock, window frames, and more. This idea is quite easy to realize since such fixtures can just simply found in the store around.

So, how does the minimalist fixture for a Home Decor Living Room look like? Just like the others, those fixtures should not have too many details. Besides, try to put them on the right spots in which there are not too many items around.

Lighting and Windows

One of the most important components in a home living is the lighting, whether the natural one or not. The natural lighting can be gained from the sunlight outside. In other words, you have to apply good windows and ventilation to enable this thing to happen. Interestingly, minimalist Interior Decoration Of Living Room enables you to have big glass windows even without the frame around. Make sure to apply it properly so that the heat will not radiate too much inside.

On the other hand, the night lighting is, of course, obtained from the lamps. As it has been mentioned in the previous point, it can be simply found from a minimalist chandelier installed in the middle of the room. Besides, it is necessary to install some pieces of LED lamps on some areas. Make sure that the light is spread thoroughly in the entire room for giving such an elegant vibe.

Mirror Ideas

A mirror, when it is put on the right place, is an incredible idea for your living room. The mirror should not be too big but, of course, it should not be too small also. When there is a particular part with fewer details and accessories, there is the mirror to be.

So, what are the benefits of applying a mirror idea? The reflection of the mirror is good to make a room look larger. For you who have a problem with a small living room, this is a solution to take. Besides, a mirror is also helpful in term of lighting. It is good to multiply the radiation so that the room looks brighter.

The Patterned Ones

Although this is a so-called minimalist design, it doesn’t mean that all things inside must be in the plain. It is necessary for sure to add something patterned mainly to avoid the sense of monotonous. The patterns may appear on the furniture’s upholstery, cushions, curtain, and more.

More importantly, you should balance the pattern ideas and plain ones. This way, the room is finally more than just a living room minimalist but the real interior beauty.

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