Living Room Minimalist: Several Easy to Implement Simple Living Room Designs and Ideas

Living Room Minimalist: Several Easy to Implement Simple Living Room Designs and Ideas 

Living Room Minimalist: Several Easy to Implement Simple Living Room Designs and Ideas
Simple Living Room Design

If you are looking for simple living room designs and ideas, then you have come to the right place. Decorating a small living room can be a tough task to do, especially when you do not have the right know-how on doing so. In reality, however, decorating can be made easy if you are willing to go outside of the box. Decorating is an art, perfectly comparable to other things such as painting or writing. You would need time to learn it, but when you have the basics covered, the thing will come to you as easy as pie.

Just like painting and writing, you would need to go out of your safe zone (in this case, going outside the box) if you want to be successful. While there are people who are successful by playing it safe, the sight was pretty rare. Those who are courageous will find success pretty easily, and there is no reason why you should be playing it safe when it comes to decorating your own house. You will, after all, lose nothing if your decoration failed. While it is never good to have a house that is badly decorated, at the very least you are not ruining someone else’s house.

Again, you would need an inspiration to be able to create a work of art, and inspired people to work better than those who are uninspired. Finding inspiration is a matter of going outside your room and look at the world outside. If you are too afraid of going out, then perhaps you can bring up your favourite internet browser application and punch in several relevant keywords on the keyboard to find that awe-inspiring Small Living Room Decorating Ideas (we would not be surprised if you stumbled upon Living Room Minimalist through that method). The internet is ripe with inspiration for those looking for Modern Minimalist Living Room ideas, and those who are willing to search even deeper will sometimes find better things than what they have expected.

But we digress. We are not here to mentor you on how to use the internet. We are here to give you several ideas of ours that we think you can apply to your living room to get a minimalist look. These ideas are all tested and proven to be able to fulfil the cravings of those wanting to have a minimalistic looking living. Without further ado, here are several of those ideas:

Living Room Minimalist: Several Easy to Implement Simple Living Room Designs and Ideas

Make do of Wall Art Ideas For Living Room

Art, while they can be so complex, can be minimalistic as well. Two of the most prominent types of wall art are paintings or photographs, and both are used in different kinds of ways when it comes to making a minimalistic living room.

Let us begin with paintings for your wall art. If you want to put paintings on the walls of your minimalistic living room, then you would better opt for paintings that are either pencil sketches style or abstract. Why pencil sketches and abstract? Simply because those two kinds of paintings are not paintings that would stick out. It empowers the other aspects of your living room as opposed to beating them, making them perfect companions for your minimalist walls. If you think a picture is too attention-grabbing, then you had better replace it because it is not minimalistic at all; it instead opposes minimalism.

It is also good if you can get a painting in portrait instead of a landscape type. Portrait type paintings are generally less eye-grabbing than portrait paintings. There are, however, several exceptions when we are talking about Modern Wall Art For Living Room, so you better not follow this particular tip in this particular paragraph to the heart.

As for photographs, a lot of them are generally safe for a minimalist. Black and white photos are better as a White Living Room Decor, but if you want to go colourful, there is nothing wrong with that. The only thing that you should be considering when you are going with photographs is the frame. Choose only a simple wooden photo frame with colours that will not contrast the colour of your wall. This one is all about trial and error, and there is no better way to find what is the right colour for your frame than by trying and failing.

Just like the painting, you should get it in portrait. Landscape photos are better for frames that are not wall mounted.

Choose a wall colour and stick with it zealously

A minimalist person will not get an exorbitant amount of colours when they are painting their walls. They mostly stick with Neutral Living Room Colours and then decide the rest of their decorations from there. Normally, minimalists people go with white because the colour white is the most neutral and the most simplistic colour out there (it is found to be the most relaxing colour overall). However, there are also people are willing to take a risk by going with Yellow Living Room Walls or even Pink Living Room Walls. These people are not wrong – some can even pull it out perfectly – but choosing another colour instead of white will add another layer that needs to be tackled. Minimalist people often hate tackling that layer, hence why they go white.

The only tip that you should take to heart no matter which colour you have chosen is the other decorations. No minimalist would pick a colour and suddenly add another dimension by adding another colour (in the form of decorations like wall arts or furniture) that contradicts the main colour of the wall.

The shape plays an important role, too

The shape of a living room is probably the second thing that determines whether or not that living room is minimalistic. A Rectangle Living Room will be more minimalistic than a round living room or an L-shaped living room. You can make an L-shaped living room minimalist, but you need to put further emphasis on the colours and the synergy between the furniture. A rectangular room, however, makes for a perfect Modern Small Living Room. In fact, a lot of simple living room designs incorporate a rectangular room instead of other room shapes.

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