Living Room Minimalist Guide Book – Arranging a Modern Small Living Room

Living Room Minimalist Guide Book – Arranging a Modern Small Living Room

Living Room Minimalist Guide Book – Arranging a Modern Small Living Room
Modern Small Living Room

A modern small living room can always bring the cozy factor even though your available space is pretty limited. Of course, there are various ways and tricks to supersize a small living room. In this article, we will help you to arrange your small living room with a modern yet minimalist style and you would love to spend your time in this room over and over.

Use stools as the seats

If you want to have a modern small living room then you cannot make the room even more crowded and cluttered with too many pieces of furniture. You can always pick a sofa but make sure that the size is proportional towards the room space. Other than that, if you still require more seating facilities then you better use stools instead of a couch or armchairs.

Invest in multi-functional furniture pieces

If you want to make a cozy small living room and keep living room minimalist as well then you will need some pieces of multi-functional furniture. For example, a coffee table that also serves as a storage bin will allow you to avoid a cluttered look when needed. Nowadays it is much easier to find a sofa with extra storage under the seats. To boost the distribution and spread of natural light in the room, you may also invest in reflective surfaces.

Doors are not the attention center

Even though there is no written-rule about it in the minimalist interior design, you cannot make the door as the attention center. Can you imagine how uncomfortable it could be if your sofa is just next to an open door? This is why you may need to re-arrange your sofa so it would not be in the way of an open door in your living room. Also, it is better to keep the color palette in neutral shades.

Vertical decoration

It is a fact that you will have limited space if you want to go horizontal. In order to draw the eye to the ceiling then you need to go vertical as well. For example, you can install wallpaper for the corner of your living room. Also, play with color and pattern to optimize the effect.

Wood is a friend

You can always include woods in every interior design style. Woods can even balance the whole room and create a calm yet relaxed ambiance in the living room. Using a wooden side table in a modern small living room would be a great idea.

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