Living Room Minimalist Guide Book – How to Decorate a Narrow Rectangle Living Room

Living Room Minimalist Guide Book – How to Decorate a Narrow Rectangle Living Room

Living Room Minimalist Guide Book – How to Decorate a Narrow Rectangle Living Room
Rectangle Living Room

You can always be creative even though you only have a narrow rectangle living room. On the other hand, you can transform the limited space in your house into something functional with aesthetical points. If you hire the service of an interior designer, this person might use various tricks to create a spacious impression in a narrow space. In this article, we want to break off the tips and tricks for you. In the end, you will love to spend your time in this room.

Wall treatments

When you want to decorate a rectangle living room with narrow space, it is better to avoid using dark colors. It tends to make the room even narrower and will feel like a tunnel instead of a living room. So, we highly recommend light colors for the wall such as light gray, beige, creamy vanilla, and soft white. You can also try a flat finish for a reflective wall. Also, it creates an airy feeling in the room.

Install some windows

A room will definitely need natural lighting and you can get it from windows. On the other hand, natural light is the best friend of a narrow room. It makes the impression of a bigger room. But if you want something more private then you can cover it with solar film so you can have more privacy and you will not be invaded by the ultraviolet light. It is still in line with minimalist interior design for sure.

Furniture selection and arrangement

When it comes to the furniture, you will need to consider at least two things: the shape and the arrangement. You will need to put the loveseats back-to-back right as the center of the room to break the sight line. Loveseats are shorter than sofas in general so you will have more space between the walls and the sofa’s end. Later, you can add a coffee table or an ottoman in the middle of the furniture pieces to create an aesthetical look without leaving the functional points yet keeping the living room minimalist.


In order to avoid the unorganized and cluttered impression in the living room, you may need to limit how many decorative accessories in the living room. For example, numerous small wall decorative elements would make a crowded yet disheveled look. So, it will be better if you choose one large wall mirror and hang it across the window. It does not have to be across the window but the presence of the mirror will make a narrow rectangle living room felt bigger.

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